Why Do Smart People Like Michael Hyatt?

December 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

You are smart.  You want to be smarter.  Listening to, reading, and following Michael Hyatt’s very simple ideas and messages will do just that.

I was at the Exhibit Designers and Producers Association’s ACCESS conference in Palm Springs, California in December 2012.  A leadership keynote speaker at the conference was Tony Bell, who drew me in immediately with his speaking ability and his leadership content.  At dinner that evening, I caught up with him and we talked about his presentation.  He asked me what I thought about Michael Hyatt’s book “Platform” and if I thought it would change anything I am doing regarding blogging.  Someone else had asked me about this book a week prior.  When I returned home from the conference I bought the book and began learning from Michael Hyatt.  There are 5 reasons I continue to consume the content Michael Hyatt produces.

  1. Easy to Understand Instructions:  His book is a great example of the rest of the content he produces.  He puts everything in a simple format that easy to read and understand.  He does not include a lot of fluff that doesn’t add to the value of what he is writing or saying.
  2. Leadership Insights for Anyone:  They are simple. You can be a six-figure annual-income executive or any income level.  You are bound to get great value from his leadership insight: goal setting, management do’s and dont’s, coaching/mentoring tips, and a ton more.
  3. Audio Content when On-The-Go:  At the time of this writing, he has produced 74 podcasts, where nearly everyone one of them are outstanding.  Some of my favorites are on journaling, note taking, and productivity.
  4. Limitless Leadership Coaching:  Well, it is almost limitless with all of the content available between his blog posts, books, podcasts and web content.  My trouble is not finding something that is helpful, but narrowing it down to choose the few things I want to read, listen to or watch.
  5. Personal Improvement:  He talks and writes about many things in this area.  Set up a blog to enhance your personal brand, efficiently pack a travel bag, improve your productivity, and great techniques for goal setting.

If you have not heard of Michael Hyatt before this, do yourself a favor and check out his web page at www.MichaelHyatt.com.  You are able to navigate to the rest of his channels from there.  I promise you will not be disappointed.  Through December 2013, the e-book format of Platform is on sale for $2.99.

I am always looking for inspiring leaders.  What is your impression of Michael’s content? What do you like and what do you not like?  Do you have someone else you feel strongly about?


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