It’s All About The Delivery

August 1, 2011 § 1 Comment

Pitchers in baseball spend years perfecting their delivery.  The smallest tweak in the delivery can make a huge impact, both positive and negative, in the pitcher’s success. Most changes are intentional.  For example, Ryan Dempster, pitcher for the Chicago Cubs, developed a “tell” in his delivery.  Something that he was doing in his delivery told the batter the pitch he was going to throw.  In 2008 he changed his delivery to eliminate the tell.  That season, he went on to have the best record and ERA of his career.

The same inverse impact (small tweak makes a huge impact) can happen in business on any given day. The reaction and response from whom you communicate with can be drastically altered depending on the delivery of your communication.

I experience this at least on a weekly basis.  Someone will talk to me venting about something someone else said.  When I hear the story, it is usually not the words that peaked the ire of the person on the receiving end of the communication, but the tone, body language, enthusiasm (or lack of) or even the word or words that were emphasized in the communication that seem to have caused the problems.  In other words, the delivery.

It is hard to do, but we must think about how our communications will be received or interpreted before they are delivered. Email communication is a bit easier to proof-read and revise if need be.  Verbal conversation is much more difficult and yet much more important.  I am not saying you need to be nice all the time.  Instead, be intentional.  Be intentional in your tone, in your word choice, in your strength and your choice of method (email,  verbal or something else).  Be in control and never out of control of your communication delivery.  If you intend to be nice in your communication, great.  But if the situation calls for stern, hard or aggressive, the delivery of the communication needs to intentionally reflect that.

Think before you speak.  Proof-read before you send.  Using these two simple ideas will help you get the intended reactions from those with whom you communicate.

Keep your eyes open.  Inspiration can come from anywhere.

Inspiration for this writing came from many of my associates at Group Delphi and others in the business community in Fort Wayne with whom I speak periodically about business management challenges.


A New Beginning

July 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

I have wondered and have been asked why I want to blog. Part of me wants to do so because all of the cool kids are blogging. We all try to be cool or important and I have always heard “you are who you hang with” – a cool kid.

In the beginning of my contemplation about blogging, my fear was not having a topic to write about. As I thought about topics, I began to see more and more topics that came in sudden spurts and they came from areas I never expected.  Some came from conversations with friends in the business community as well as fellow associates at Group Delphi in both our Fort Wayne location and our Alameda location.  Other topics came from watching and coaching the sporting events my kids have played.

Regardless of the topic source, I feel like blogging will force me to think about how and why I feel the way I do about the topics.  At the minimum, writing this blog will make me a better parent, businessman, and friend.  If I am lucky, this blog will be influential and possibly inspiring to others.

Please feel free to add your feedback on this or any of my posts.

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