Heart of a Cubs Fan

I remember when I was a boy I would sit outside during the hot & humid Indiana summers and listen to Harry Caray call the Cubs games on the radio.  I remember, just as most Cubs fans from the mid 80’s, Harry singing “Jo‑dyyyyy, Jody Davis…”.  I remember riding my bicycle to the nearest drug store and spending all my money on Topps baseball cards, a few sticks of stale gum, and a cold Coke, all-the-while hoping one of the cards would be a coveted Ryne Sandberg.

These are all fond memories, but there is only one that has had profound and lasting affect on me.  I think about it every time I visit Wrigley Field.

I remember the day, but not the date.  I was walking up the steps from the concourse to the seating area.  When I reached the top of the steps I saw what had to be the most beautiful spectacle in baseball.  I gazed in awe at how well manicured the grass and ivy were and how the bright sun shining down made the green of the outfield and the brown of the infield “pop” like perfect lighting in an art museum does to the art.

As I continued up the steps to my Terrace seat, I kept looking back to take it all in.  After listing to Harry talk about the magnificence of this field and seeing it on TV, it was like seeing a boyhood idol in person for the very first time.

I make it to a few games each year now.  Each time I walk up those same steps from the concourse and look out at the sun-drenched field, I feel that same celebrity encounter over again.  This is the reason I keep coming back.  This is the reason that I have been and always will be a Cubs fan.


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