Season of Giving

December 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Tis the season when people give gifts.  Too many times the gifts are given for the wrong reasons: (1) to keep up with Joneses, (2) hope the gift will heighten a relationship, and (3) unintentionally reward others for bad behavior.

Similarly in business, leaders give raises for the wrong reasons: (1) we feel like it must be done because a performance evaluation is being done, (2) we assume the person will work harder or be more loyal as a result, or (3) we are afraid the person will not like us anymore. 

The positive feeling from a pay increase lasts for only a few weeks. Then the person tends to go back feeling the same way they did before the raise.  It is not the money that tends to be at the top of people’s list that will make them feel better about their job or their life.  It tends to be non-monetary things like public praise, training, better title, new equipment, upgraded software, and clear communication.

Be thoughtful. Be creative. During this season of giving…raises for next year…when deciding to give an employee something for a job well done, be creative. Dont assume that money motivates everyone.

Keep your eyes open. Inspiration can come from anywhere.

This post was inspired by Sunny Taylor.  She is an inspiration to my daughter and to me. Thank you Sunny for all you do.


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